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Question: Family Therapy Course

Please put the question or section name above each paragraph

1. Write a short description of a person in crisis for alcohol abuse. Include the person's age, gender, ethnicity/race, marital status, and any other relevant unidentified descriptive information.

2. Describe the client's presenting problem and the crisis event. Explain why this situation is considered a crisis.

3. Discuss how ethnicity, race, gender, age, class, sexual orientation, or other diversity characteristics may affect the client and the crisis intervention.

4. Provide an overview of the social problem that may be helpful to know in planning the assessment and intervention. For example, this is an alcohol abuse case, provide a summary of the scope, indicators, and consequences to the victim and the family.

5. Design a specific crisis intervention based on the content using the below method of theory for intervention. Include any other scholarly resources that you find particularly helpful.

6. Write a conclusion to your intervention plan. What do you anticipate the outcome to be?

7. Include at least two actions you take to avoid personal burnout in working with this issue.

Length: 5-6 pages use at least 4 articles to cite.

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Reference no: EM132013105


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