Describe strategies that will help chloe with her fluency

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Assignment: Fluency Scenario

Use the following scenario from The IRIS Center to complete the tasks below:

Chloe is a quiet fifth grader who is naturally organized and thrives on structure. Chloe's mother reports that she tends to be focused on tasks, even in play. Chloe's teacher, Mrs. Clifton, has also noticed that she is diligent with academic tasks. When reading aloud in class, Chloe is able to read all sight words and decode most multi-syllable words she encounters. However, Chloe's fluency is not at the level of most fifth graders. Mrs. Clifton reports she is a word-by-word reader and does not read with proper tone or expression, but she feels Chloe has the skills needed to become a fluent, expressive reader. She has decided to implement strategies that will help Chloe reach her goal, which is:

• Given readings at the fifth-grade level, Chloe will read fluently.

Paulsen, K., & the IRIS Center.(2004).Comprehension & vocabulary: Grades 3-5.

Research three strategies regarding fluency instruction that will assist Chloe in reaching her goals.

In 500-750-words, identify and explain three strategies that will help Chloe with her fluency.

In addition, select a fifth-grade passage from a basal series (or a fifth grade passage from Appendix B of the Common Core standards) and describe how you would have Chloe's parents use it at home.

Include three sources from your research in your essay to support your position.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines.

Reference no: EM131524211

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