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Q1. The precursors of today's engineers listed in the quotation from Wickenden had no classes and few or no books from which to learn scientific principles. How can you explain their success?

Q2. Compare how well engineering and management satisfy the several parts of the definition of a profession.

Q3. Why is it so difficult to answer the simple question "How many engineers are there in the United States?" Explain how many physicians are there in US?

Q4. Elucidate the understanding of U.S. engineering employment to a key change in the Department of Defense budget. What types of engineers would be especially affected?

Q5. What are the similarities in the definitions of management quoted from authors of management textbooks? Do the definitions provided by business executives differ in any way? Synthesize your own definition of management.

Q6. How does the job of supervisor or first-line manager differ from that of a higher-level manager?

Q7. How does the job of a top manager differ from the jobs in the several levels of middle management?

Q8. Identify the three types of skills needed by an effective manager, as conceived by Robert L. Katz, and describe how the relative need for them might vary with the level of management.

Q9. From the 10 managerial roles provided by Mintzberg, choose three or four that you consider most important for the first-line manager, and explain your selection. Repeat for middle-level and top managers.

Q10. How would you distinguish between engineering management and management in general?

Reference no: EM135338

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