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If you add 1 drop of 5% bromine solution in hexane to 1mL each of 5% solution of lard, olive oil, and corn oil dissolved in hexane, what happens to the bromine that causes each mixture to turn colorless?

If you continue adding drops of bromine to each, eventually the lipids change color. For our experiment it took 14 for lard, 23 for olive oil, and 35 for corn oil. Yet, the iodine numbers for each were 59, 81, 123 respectively. Would you consider the bromine numbers to be consistent in any way with the iodine numbers? HOW?

Does a high halogen number indicate a more or less saturated fat? WHY OR WHY NOT? If so, would this particular lipid be considered by nutritionists to be more or less desirable in your diet? WHY?

Reference no: EM1338949


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