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Employees' selection and recruitment are among the most challenging tasks for every organization. The organization must strive to hire, retain, and ensure that there are conformity and adherence in the hired employees. To accomplish this, it must draw a clear structure for strategic selection and recruitment of competent employees. This discussion analyzes Millmore's article "Just How is the Practice of Strategic Recruitment and Selection" about practical organizational applications.


Millmore points out that most organizations are shifting towards attracting, managing, and retaining a diverse set of applicants as their competent and professional employees (Millmore, 80). Therefore, establishing a diversity friendly working environment and eliminating biases and discrimination of the employees are key areas of concern for almost all the organizations. The approach entails selecting and employing the potential applicants by using a strategic plan of recruitment. While the individuals' educational background may not fit the required qualifications, Millmore argues that the employers should hire them when they have the necessary skills and knowledge on the given area (Millmore, 86). Additionally, the article advocates for a non-discriminative environment for all the workers. Therefore, employees should have equal opportunities regardless of their color, race, ethnicity, gender, and age.

In my current organization, the Human Resource Management (HRM) department tend to prioritize skills and knowledge of the applicants instead of the educational qualifications. While the former also plays a significant role in determining the potential of the individuals, the company tends to retain and promote skilled employees. Similarly, the organization structure includes an intercultural context including the blacks, Asians, whites, and other colored employees.

Implementing Millmore's Findings

From the findings of Millmore's study, strategic integration, Human resource planning, and the long-term perspective are the primary tools for effective recruitment, selection, and retention of employees (Millmore, 85). These aspects eventually result into proper evaluation and corporation during the process. I believe that effective planning, strategy, and corporative evaluation may increase the company's efficiency in recruitment and selection processes.

Response to Comment A

The author of this comment gives one of the important provisions of Millmore's study. The comment highlights the relationship between the HRM and the strategy of the organization. However, concerning Millmore's views and findings on retention of the employees, the author does not explore the correlation between retention of competent employees and their skills and knowledge. Nevertheless, the author agrees that most organizations are shifting towards Millmore's model of recruitment and selection of employees. This is evidence in the discussion of the organizational comparison where he states that applicants with high scores are considered for further in-person interviews as a strategic section method.

Response to Comment B

The author of this comment has highlighted the importance of cultural diversity and the role of an individual's knowledge and skills in adjusting to the intercultural environment. From the comment, the author confirms that his former organization did not have an effective model of selection and recruitment. He suggests that there should be new approaches such as replacing the company's one-man team of HRM with an integrated HRM system may help the company. The author tends to criticize Millmore for buttressing the criteria of selection claiming that it reduces the efficiency of the company. However, he fails to acknowledge the benefits of a one-man team HRM system.

Work Cited

Millmore M. Just how Extensive is the Practice of Strategic Recruitment and Selection? EBSCO Publishing. 2003. Print.

Reference no: EM131743751

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