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CWSI Project

Health Industry in UK (Mobile Device Management/ Enterprise Management Market)

CWSI is a small organisation selling mobile device and will like to invest in UK market. I need to know how health industry is going to receive this. I need to know the background of the health industry in UK, please follow the instruction below for more understanding:


• Summary of your respective industry.
• Three section body framework, ie Intro paragraph, main text, concluding paragraph.
• Quality not quantity is essential
• Reputable sources required ie. CSO
• Quantitative data, such as estimated number of devices, users, companies operating in the industry.
• Evidence of actual current size of market
• Use of diagrams optional, but also encouraged


Reminder: this section should be focused to the objective and the research questions.

Objective: To investigative the opportunities and threats of UK competitors in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) market(s), in the context of a single case organisation. (CWSI)

This second one page section Should use these questions to answer it.

1. What are the opportunities and threats encountered when entering the health industry UK Enterprise Mobility management Industry?

Opportunities suggestion
• Markets size
• Average spend
• Geographical location
• Perceived ease of entry
• Pricing strategy
• Speed of service
Threats suggestion
• Number of current competitors in the finance sector
• Who are the dominate players
• Estimated market share breakdown
• Exchange rates
• Economic barriers to entry

2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of existing competition in the health Enterprise mobility management industry?

Possible Strengths
• Time established
• Reputation and trust
• Market Share
• Price competiveness

Possible Weakness,
• Too Big
• Too small
• Over worked
• Old fashioned
• Expensive

3. What are the similarities and differences that exist between firms operating in the health enterprise mobility management industry?

Possible Similarities
• Location
• Pricing
• Quality
• Reputation

Possible Differences
• Cost
• Quality of Services
• Accesses to certain vender
• Access to technologies

Reference no: EM131141

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