Current divorce laws and gender-neutral criteria

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There are several reasons for an increase in single-parent fathering recently:

Current divorce laws and "gender-neutral criteria" for rearing children have made it easier for fathers to gain custody of their children following divorce than in years past.

To allow themselves the opportunity to pursue career or personal goals, mothers may choose to grant the father custody of the children.

Divorce courts have a more favorable view of the role of fathers in childrearing, resulting in an increase in joint custody arrangements following divorce.

There has been an increase in fathers' willingness to take a more active role in parenting than in years past.

What was/is your father's role in your life?

In what ways has that role been supportive of you?

Are there any ways in which that role has been problematic for you?

What advice would you give the father of a newborn regarding his role in his child's life?

Reference no: EM13835304

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