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culture foundations.

The Architecture of Trauma

For this extra credit assignment, you are to write a four page to five page paper on the memorial architecture at ground zero.

For the paper you are to read all of the critical articles that have been attached below. Then choose at least three (3) to work with.

Structure the first half of this paper the way you structured your paper on Romanticism, by describing the issues and problems that the three scholars are discussing in these articles. Obviously, these scholars are working at around the same time instead of throughout the 20th century. But you will want to share your understanding of all of their arguments with your readers before moving on to part two of the essay. Do this is in a clear and systematic way.

Then in part two, go on to insert your own perspective into this scholarly conversation, based on your experience visiting the downtown site and studying the site yourself. Make sure to attach photos of yourself at the site to the essay to document your visit.

To summarize: After surveying the range of critical issues and problems in the first half of your paper, you should then focus on your own perspective and address some problem or question associated with the representation and memorialization of this traumatic event.

Reference no: EM13801301

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