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The assignment is to create a 10 year strategy plan from 2016 to 2026 and a vision.

I need you to write 6 strategies each strategy with a simple explanation.

Guidelines for End of Term Project

"The UAE's Counter-Terrorism Strategy"

The UAE government has tasked your group to produce a high-level strategy paper for the country's approach to counter-terrorism. You can incorporate measures, practices and policies that the UAE currently implements, but you must write the strategy paper as though you are beginning with a blank piece of paper.

What should be included in the strategy is up to you. That being said, your strategy should be comprehensive, covering both domestic and international counter-terrorism policies and considering measures across the "prevention-disruption-response-recovery" spectrum.

In terms of style, you have a great deal of flexibility. But remember, top government officials will review your proposed strategy so it has to be presented in a way that is likely to keep their attention. Summarizing your approach in a diagram can be an effective way, for example, of providing the reader with a simplified and understandable representation of your strategy. Although there is not a strict word count requirement, as a minimum the strategy paper should include:

- An executive summary that (a) introduces the reader to terrorist threat facing the UAE today and the challenges of combatting this threat, and (b) provides an overview of your strategy.

- A full explanation of each of your core policies (at least two pages for each).

Examples from other countries may provide you with some ideas about how to style and organize your strategy paper and what to include. The below links are for Australia and Canada's respective strategies.

I attached the guidelines for the assignment. and the pdf file is to help you to write the strategies.

these two links are examples for how the strategies should be like.

Attachment:- UAE-On-Combating-Terrorism-Offences-Federal-Law.pdf

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In the assignment, a counter-terrorism strategy of UAE has been made in 2000 words as per the requirements provided. Appropriate structure of the report has been made, with executive summary, introduction, body and conclusion. Referencing is done in APA 6th ed. as nothing was stated in the requirement. The links provided by the student were referred to in making the assignment identifying 6 different strategies with their brief description.

Reference no: EM131034935

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