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A 14 g rifle bullet travelling 200 m/s buries itself in a 3.5 kg pendulum hanging on a 3.3 m extended string that makes pendulum swing upward in an arc. Create horizontal component of the pendulum's greatest displacement.


A cue ball initially moving at 3.2 m/s strikes a stationary eight ball of the similar size and mass. After a collision, the cue ball's Final speed is 1.4 m/s. Find out the cue ball's angle θ with respect to its new line of motion. Consider this to be an elastic collision (ignoring friction and rotational motion).


Precisely 0.7 s after the speeder passes, police officer steps on the accelerator; if the police car's acceleration is 1.80 m/s^2, how much time passes by the police car overtakes the speeder after the speeder passes (supposed moving at constant speed)? Police car is going 89 km/h and the speeder is going 146km/h

Reference no: EM134396


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