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Assignment 3.2 Database notation is not consistent. You have probably seen that already when you tried to create an E-R diagram. Visio uses notation and graphical shapes that are not the same as those in your text. If you look at some of the links to schemas, you will see a similar sort of thing.

  • In your own words, discuss why these differences exist and what, if any, solution you would recommend.
  • Feel free to use the Web to research this topic
  • Remember to list your sources.

Assignment  3.3: Uncle Bob's Home Repairs .Bob Harris owns a small company called Bob's Home repairs. He does the small home repair jobs that the large companies pass by. Need some wood work or wood furniture fixed? Call Bob. Here is how the business works:

Someone calls Bob and asks him to bid on a job. He drives over, looks at the situation, and gives them a bid. Sometimes it is an official looking bid by mail, and sometimes it is scribbled on notebook paper. He decides how long it will take to do the job (he bills by the hour), how much wood will be needed, any odds and ends that are unique to the job, and an overall price. He moves from job to job and bills customers as he finishes the work.

Bob buys items and supplies from a variety of places, but he buys only what is needed for a particular project. A potential problem: if he gets behind on his payments to various suppliers, then they won't let him order any more. This would stop his business dead in its tracks. His biggest and most crucial supply is lumber (the price rises and falls constantly). So, he must pay all bills within 30 days of receiving them, especially the lumber companies.

Bob is pretty nice to his customers. They don't have to pay until the work is completed and they are satisfied with his work. This has occasionally led to some problems because the cash coming in is sometimes slower than the cash going out, and he would like to have a better idea of when his bills are due and when his customers will be paying. Currently, all business records are kept in Bob's head and in one file cabinet. Sometimes he forgets which jobs he bid on and how much he bid on them. He doesn't call potential customers to ask about earlier bids, but this could increase business. He wants reports on suppliers that need to be paid and customers that are slow in paying their bills. So, he wants to computerize these aspects of the business to make things more efficient. Can you help him?

Here is what you need to be able to provide Bob in order to land your first consulting contract:

1.Week 3 - An individual E-R diagram.

2.Week 4 - A group E-R diagram.

3.Week 5 - A group data dictionary.

4.Week 6 - A script that will create the tables and enter a minimum of 3 sets of data for each table.

5.Week 7 - Some sample queries.

6.Week 8 - Slides.

Here is what you don't need to do: You don't need to computerize the entire business, just the processes that Bob's Home Repairs finds most bothersome. You don't need to create forms for data entry. This is something you would do if hired as a consultant.

An outstanding project will have the following characteristics, with lower grades for projects that lack these things:

1.The E-R diagram clearly identifies the entities, relationships, and attributes.

2.The logical schema clearly identifies the attributes and required keys for each entity.

3.The tables are in third normal form, and you used good names for the tables and the fields.

4.The sample data is useful in creating sample reports.

5.The script works with Oracle using the the 10g XE interface.

6.The script has comments to make it easy to edit later. (dashdash space )

7.The sample queries that will show Bob's Home Repairs how the database will be useful in meeting his data needs.

8.The slide package summarizes your project and could be used for presentation.

This week, we will begin work on our semester project. I have assigned you to a group forum and given each group a scenario-based database project. This project will be completed as a series of activities with milestones. Use your assigned group forum to collaborate, work, and post your deliverables.

  • The first activity will be to analyze the assigned situation and to create an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the project. There is a set of narrated slides that explains this process in the Narrated Power Point Slides folder in Course Documents.
  • Create this diagram using Visio, which is available from the Microsoft Academic Alliance. If you have never used Visio before, please complete the tutorial at the link in the reading assignments.
  • To get started, read the narrative for your assigned group project. Based on this narrative each of you will individually develop an ERD for the project. Be sure to include any "parent/child" relationships you may deem to be significant.
  • Attach a copy of your ERD to this assignment and post it to the file exchange for your group. This week's grade is an individual one, so please post your own ERD.

Reference no: EM1341091

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