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Case Study: Clarifying Your Mission Statement (Collins, 2009, p. 371).

In this assignment, you will write a Case Study reflecting on the material and the knowledge you are gaining from the textbook and lectures. The Case Study must be written in paragraph form. You can write in first person; however, avoid using a casual tone. Work on writing in a professional manner as if this were to be published on the Internet for everyone to see. The Case Study must be well-written, and it must not have spelling or grammatical errors.

Each of your threads mustcontain both of the following parts:

1. Part 1 of your thread is a Case Study. You will create a case study about a hypothetical client whom you are seeing. You will use this same client in all 3 Case Studies; this will give you 4 sessions with the same hypothetical client by the end of the course.

1. For each session, you must give a clear description of how long you have been seeing the client and the issue that led your client to meet with you. Give some background information on the client.

2. In the first session, describe the goals which your client would like to accomplish through life coaching. Throughout subsequent sessions (later Case Studies), give updates on how your client is doing, in general and with reaching their goals.

3. Describe how you would use this assignment (see Case Study Exercises above) with your client and what you learned from this assignment with the client. Each Case Study must include information regarding why you are integrating the specific required exercise into your work with your client, the potential benefits of this exercise, what the client learned as a result of completing this exercise, etc. Be sure to cite via in-text citations in current APA format all information included in your case study that was acquired from class material.

2. Part 2 is writing a personal Reflection. Write about your experiences with this whole assignment (completing the exercise yourself and using it with your hypothetical client), including to the answers for the following questions:

1. What did you learn from the assignment?

2. Was this a useful exercise for you to do with yourself?

3. What are some action points that you will implement in your life as a result of the outcome of your assessment?

4. Could you see yourself using this with a client in the future?

5. What did you learn from incorporating the assignment with your hypothetical client?

Reference no: EM13970077


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