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2-(1) pargraph for discussion

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OBJECTIVE - using complete sentences, describe the objectives of the exercise.

DISCUSSION - using complete sentences, compare the theoretical (calculated) values with measured values and discuss any observations,


1. Measure and record the resistor and inductor values for the circuit shown in Figure 7-1.


2. Construct the circuit in Figure 7-1 on your breadboard. Connect Channel 1 of the oscilloscope to point A to confirm the amplitude and frequency of the source (measure).

3. Connect Channel 2 of the oscilloscope to measure the peak-to-peak voltage and the phase angle for each component in the circuit, as follows (Take a screenshot of each voltage reading below including measurements (in this order) of frequency, Vp-p (1). Vp-p (2), and Phase (2→1):

a. In the configuration above, point B will yield the voltage for the resistor, R3.
b. In the configuration above, point C will yield the voltage for the inductor, L1.
c. Reverse the position of R: and LI such that point C will yield the voltage for the resistor, R:. (Remember an oscilloscope can only measure from a point to ground.)

d. Then, reverse the polarity of the source such that point B will yield the voltage for resistor R1.

  Peak-to-Peak Voltage(V) Phase Angle ()(Degrees) Leading or Lagging


Reference no: EM131069852

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