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Q. A particle with a mass of 3.3 × 10-20 kg is oscillating with simple harmonic motion with a period of 4× 10-5 s and a maximum speed of 3.3 × 10^3 m/s. calculate (a) angular frequency and (b) maximum displacement of the particle.

Q. Soft drinks are commonly sold in aluminium containers. How a lot of such containers are thrown away or recycled each year by U.S. consumers? (Suppose an average of 2 cans per person each week and the population of 290 million. Type the answer using one of the following formats, 1.2e-3 for 0.0012 and 1.20e+2 for 120.)

Reference no: EM1370956

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How will demand for good x change if consumer incomes rise : X-Corporation produces a good (Called X) that is a normal good. Its competitor, Y-Corp makes a substitute good that it markets under name "Y." Good Y is an inferior good. How will demand for good X change if consumer incomes increase.
Explain what communication devices were used : Explain What communication devices were used by both parties in this example and How did these devices work or not work in this particular intercultural communication example?
Determine overall effect on minimum balance : Assume your bank increase its minimum-balance requirement for free checking on checking accounts by $500. You take $500 out of your passbook savings account
Illustrate what is relation in marginal benefit and cost : Illustrate what level of control variable are net benefits maximized. Illustrate what is relation between marginal benefit and marginal cost at this level of control variable.
Compute maximum displacement of the particle : Soft drinks are commonly sold in aluminium containers. How a lot of such containers are thrown away or recycled each year by U.S. consumers.
Use electronic marketing resources-company-s stockholders : Your company can only afford to utilize three electronic marketing resources to accomplish these goals. Select three electronic marketing resources to use and justify each resource in memo to company's stockholders.
Calculate the distance it travels throughout the second : A car travelling 80 km/h slows down at a constant 0.50 m/s^2 just by "letting up on the gas." Compute the distance the car coasts before it stops in meters.
Provide optimal wage-bonus package : Provide optimal wage-bonus package, compute this employees' effort, expected payoff and employer's profit. Draw a game tree for employer-employee game in parts a-c.
Find out the magnitude of the electrical field : A long straight metal wire of radius r1= 3.30E-2 m is bounded by a metalic cylindrical shell of inner radius r2= 1.39 E-1 m and outer radius r3= 1.84E-1 m.


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