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Pretend I went to buy a big diamond or a big cubic zirconia (CZ) for making a ring in a gem show. The salesman first shines a light beam from air on the diamond at incident angle of 15 degrees. He then shines the similar light on to cubic zirconia at incident angle of 30 degrees. Which one of the two I will end up buying based only on the brilliance due to the total internal reflection of the light beam (n diamond =2.42 and nCZ= 2.20) Based on the appropriate computation for total internal reflection (TIR) what will you advise?

a. Of course diamond ( its time bought one, see the brilliant colors)

b. Definitely cubicziconia (look at the TIR and the price)

c. Neither one (both of them do not internally reflect)

d. Both (because both internally reflect)

Reference no: EM13666383


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