Comparing the purpose of mitosis with meiosis

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The result of mitosis is that daughter cells end up with similar number of chromosomes just as the parent cell. This is attained by chromosome duplication followed by the cell division. Let an alternative, hypothetical process, where the cells underwent the cell division first and then chromosomes get duplicated in every daughter cell.

a) Explain how the results of mitosis differ between two processes of cell division?

b) Provide the difference you have given in a) do you think hypothetical process would be equally effective at maintaining chromosome number in the daughter cells? Explain why or why not? Design the actual and hypothetical alternative scenarios and compare/contrast

c) Now consider that this hypothetical process takes place in meiosis. How would end products differ between actual and the hypothetical meiotic processes? Develop actual and hypothetical processes and compare  or contrast.

Reference no: EM1314884


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