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Theory influences nursing practice by creating a foundation for care. Theory may also be used to support research and nursing education. By incorporating theory into practice, autonomy may be achieved. According to Iskandarani, Al Hammadi, and Al Gizani (2012) many nurses in practice are not aware of the nursing theories linked to their practice.

As Pearson, Vaughn, and Fitzgerald (2005) state, a model is not the real thing but comes as close as possible. Like theories, models provide a framework for practice, however models also provide a visual representation of theories. As an advanced practice registered nurse, a model may be used to simplify a complex theory in practice.

I believe that models are very important to practice because models can be used to formulate a plan of care for patients. For example, the adaptation model can be used to gain a better understanding of how patients cope with illnesses and appropriate interventions to providing care (Masters, 2015).

My nursing philosophy has changed throughout the course of this class in the sense that I now have an established set of beliefs. Prior to completing this course I was not mindful of the philosophy that drives my nursing practice and how I provide care.

I am aware that my personal philosophy may change throughout the course of my studies and professional practice but having an established philosophy will help me will influence how I interact with all patients.


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Reference no: EM131585560

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