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This Code of Ethics Assignment--------------Business Management as Plumbing Contractor

This is a Gordon Rule assignment- and will be graded for grammar, spelling, and format. 

You will post at least 3 detailed paragraphs regarding the code of ethics for your major (BUSINESS)
( A paragraph consists of more than one or two sentences - a detailed paragraph contains even more) . 
You will write a thoughtful analysis of the corporate code of ethics for the career you are planning to enter. 

Find your code (see tips below), then write the analysis by: 

1. Summarizing your code of ethics - including the values and principles required for this career - first paragraph.

2. Incorporating chapter 18. Discuss the code you located is a corporate code. Also discuss what "level" according to Railborne and Paine (chapter 18) your code is written at - second paragraph. 

3. Give your detailed opinion/critique of the code - what are some of the ethical issues in your field and is the code adequate to address future concerns? does it need to be updated? - Visit the website of the Professional Organization that oversees your profession (if there is one) you can find other's opinions and critique of the code. (for examples, the Corporate Code, Plumbing Code, Plumbing Association) - third paragraph.

Reference no: EM13137681


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