Challenges of doing business across different jurisdictions

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Ethics: When in Rome, do as the Romans do?
KC Ang read following excerpt of new report on challenges of doing business across different jurisdictions:
"Business ethics and corporate responsibility associate to all activities of company. Having high standard of ethical and responsible business perform- and showing that such standard is being met - is rapidly becoming equirement of companies which operate worldwide.
"The challenge, though, is suitable and applicable conduct. Take for example, issue of gift giving and bribery in business. Cultural context has distinct bearing on what might be considered as acceptable ethical behavior.
"In fact question is not whether bribery is right or wrong, but whether doing business in some countries is even possible without such practices. There are dissimilar ways of doing business."
KC Ang comes to you for advice. How would you suggest him on issues which pertain to international business and corruption?

Reference no: EM1398100


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