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Please review my answers and solve the highlighted part in yellow please:

Assume you have a capital budget of $300 and the following profitability indices and costs for five possible projects:a.)Which combination of projections maximizes NPV?[Show calculations.]







***Best combination would be A+D+E = $292.5 leaving $7.5 for dividends/buyback

b)Would the ranking change if the PI for Project E was 1.18?Why?

NO, ranking would not change as 1.18*25= 29.5

A+D+E = 294.5 still leaving $5.5 for dividends/buybacks


c) Describe carefully what analysis must precede reliable PI estimates.


NOT SURE: PI = NPV/Cost ???

9)The annual cash flows savings from investing for $75 in a piece of equipment in year zero lasting four years has the following cash flow estimates:

a.Cash flow payback [show calculations}
Year 1: 75-50 = 25

Year 2: 25/75=.33


Cash Flow Payback = 2.33 Years

b. Discounted payback period at 10%

c. NPV at 10%?

Which measure is best and why?

Reference no: EM13272943

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