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Case Study Scenario

A locally based sports and social club STP Sports wishes to establish a computer network as part of its re-development.

The club has commenced the development of a purpose-built sports and leisure facility. This will consist of a two-story building approximately 25m wide by 45m long. On the ground floor will be a swimming pool, squash court and small gymnasium. The first floor will contain two multi-purpose rooms and a small cafeteria. Reception will be in the ground floor entrance. The other offices will be on the first floor.

It is also planned to increase the staff compliment according to the details below.

Currently the Receptionist and Sports Facilities Administrator each have their own laptop computer. The Receptionist keeps all the membership and booking information. The Sports Administrator maintains information regarding facilities, equipment etc. The Sport Club Manager keeps all the business information on his/her personal laptop. These laptops are not networked, communication and file transfer being implemented by email.


The requirements for the new computer network are;

  • Receptionists (2) to have access to a membership records and sports facilities database 
  • Facilities Administrator (1) to have access to this same database
  • Sports Co-coordinator (1) to have access to a database of sports equipment, health and safety requirements, sports trainer availability etc
  • Sport Club Manager (1)and Assistant (1) to have access to a secure database containing business information and accounts
  • Site Manager (1) to have access to the buildings and maintenance records.
  • Wi-Fi to be provided in the cafeteria for staff and members

Additionally all staff to have access to a hosted email service and a club Intranet.

The Club also has its own website.

As an IT Consultant you have been approached by the organisation to produce a detailed Proposal to meet the above requirements.

This Proposal must include in detail the following 8 items. Alternative solutions must be discussed with a clear justification of the chosen option.

1.       The role of the network, the benefits it will bring to the business and the resource implications

2.       Network topology

3.       Network components and connection materials, including their specification

4.       Cabling and hardware configuration

5.       Software requirements

6.       A detailed Network Diagram(s)

7.       A discussion of the performance issues related to your selection of technology, software, network components, connection  materials and configuration

8.       An explanation of how network architecture influences access and control of a network, together with a brief discussion of the merits of different architectures and scenarios where one architecture might be favoured over another.

Reference no: EM139586


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