Case study of finding a wallet with money

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Suppose a person operate the charity providing you with clothes, glasses, playthings as well as after-school tutoring with regard to bad kids. There's in no way sufficient cash to supply for that requirements of the customers. Eventually, you're departing the retail center as well as discover a costly billfold about the sidewalk. You pick up the wallet and find that it contains $10,000 and several platinum credit cards. You look for identification and are stunned to discover that the billfold belongs to Microsoft multi-millionaire Bill Gates. Are you morally bound to return the wallet? (yes) What would Kantâ??s Categorical Imperative require? How would Kantâ??s guidance compare with the reasoning of ONE of these: a utilitarian, a social contractarian or rights theorist, or a feminist care ethicist? How would your own reasoning and conclusion compare with any or all of these ethical theories?

Reference no: EM1379062

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Case study of finding a wallet with money : Suppose a person operate the charity providing you with clothes, glasses, playthings as well as after-school tutoring with regard to bad kids.
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