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Write the answer by reading Case Study - EBay Inc Internet success or fairy Tale Discuss the following questions about the case study: 1. Use the 2002 financial statement data to replicate the Meyer's report calculations that illustrate the conclusion based on the 2001 data reached in the report: eBay has never been profitable. Explain your reasons. 2. Do you agree with Meyer's report concept of ‘unfettered’ cash flow? Explain your reasons. 3. What other conclusions can you reach about the company from the case study? 4. Why is it sometimes misleading to compare a company’s financial ratios with those of other firms that operate in the same industry? You are required to make your initial response to the question by Friday 11.00 pm AEST in Week 2 and at least two responses to your colleagues’ postings by Monday 9.00 am in Week 3. Please limit your postings to 100-200 words.

Reference no: EM13468726


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