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20 year old student jason came into the student health center throughout finals complaining of a sore throat, general malaise, and low fever. this is the first time jason had really been sick since his strep throat when he was 12. at the time jason was given antibiotics and resonded well. The student health center prescribed him ampicillin; 5 days later jason returned complaining of weakness,cold hands and feet, and dark feces/urine. a quick exam revealed yellowing of the eyes and skin. a blood test revealed normal white blood cells and normal serum immunoglobulin.

1. What is the preliminary diagnosis of this case and why? (include type of hypersensitivity that is mediating the disease)

2. What is the mechanism of the disease? ( in other words what is the molecular and/or cellular cause of this disorder?)

3. What sort of test(s) could you perform to confirm your diagnosis? Describe.

Reference no: EM1389560

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