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Today's world is rapidly changing. Jobs are also becoming more competitive and expectations for performance are rising. One of the keys to staying marketable in this environment is being current and connected to what is going on around the world. The IDS 333 Capstone is designed to accomplish an awareness of these facts. Using the "Art of Analysis Model" you will choose a current event or trend in the field you wish to pursue as a career and analyze its impact. You will then use this research to formulate suggestions and/or a plan on how businesses/organizations should respond to this particular event or trend. This is not a research paper on your selected career. This is a position paper on a topic you might very well have to come to terms with in your chosen career. As such it is an opportunity to educate yourself in depth on the issue you have selected.


You will be required to write a full capstone paper. Your paper will address all the elements of the "Art of Analysis Model. The paper must be five to seven pages in length. It is to be 1.5 spacing in a font of 11 or 12 no larger than 12. It is recommended highly that you use this outline to start the paper. If you do you will end up with a clear/ logical position paper. Remember this is not your opinion, this is all based upon facts you uncover with your research. Source your refrences, atleast 5.

Reference no: EM131069500

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