Calculate what mass of hydrogen the sun convert into helium

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Q. Two uncharged metal spheres, spaced 15cm apart, have a capacitance of 24pF. How much work would it take to move 12nC of charge from one sphere to the other?

Q. Use the value of the Sun's luminosity (3.90×1026 watts, or 3.90×1026 joules per second) to calculate what mass of hydrogen the Sun will convert into helium during its entire main-sequence lifetime of 1.2×1010 years. (Assume that the Sun's luminosity remains nearly constant during the entire 1.2×1010 years.) What fraction does this represent of the total mass of hydrogen that was originally in the Sun?

Reference no: EM1356688

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Calculate what mass of hydrogen the sun convert into helium : Use the value of the Sun's luminosity (3.90×10^26 watts, or 3.90×10^26 joules per second) to calculate what mass of hydrogen the Sun will convert into helium during its entire main-sequence lifetime of 1.2×10^10 years.
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