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1. Before the discovery of the neutron, it was proposed that the penetrating radiation produced when beryllium was bombarded with α particles consisted of high-energy γ rays (up to 50 MeV) produced in reactions such as α +9Be →13 C+ γ.

(a) Calculate the Q value for this reaction.

(b) If 5-MeV α particles are incident on 9 Be, calculate the energy of the 13C nucleus and, hence, determine the energy of γ radiation assuming it is emitted as a single photon.

Hint: You may neglect the momentum of the γ ray relative to the 13C nucleus (see Problem 1.2). Masses: m(4He) = 4.0026 u, m(9Be) = 9.0122 u, m(13C)= 13.0034 u.

2. Assuming that a nucleus is ak le_yis_of nuclear matter of radius 1.2 x A 113 fm, express - the average nuclear density in SI units.


Reference no: EM131073851

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