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Q1. Iron has a density of 7.87g/cm3, and the mass of an iron atom is 9.27 × 10-26 kg. If the atoms are spherical and tightly packed, (a) what is the volume of an iron atom and (b) what is the distance between centers of adjacent atoms?

Q2. A woman is reported to have fallen 139 ft from a building, landing on a metal ventilator box, which she crushed to a depth of 30 in. She suffered only minor injuries.

(a) neglect air resistance, calculate the speed of the woman just before she collided with the ventilator box, in ft/s.

(b) Calculate the magnitude of her average acceleration even as in contact with the box, in ft/s^2

(c) compute the time it took to crush the box, in s.

Reference no: EM1322306

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Calculate the magnitude of her average acceleration : A woman is reported to have fallen 139 ft from a building, landing on a metal ventilator box, which she crushed to a depth of 30 in. She suffered only minor injuries.
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