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Question- "From early on, very early on, I understood that art is not about what you say, it's about these other things that you don't say." Use Cai Guo-Quang 's statement to discuss his work and working process.

Answer - His father painted landscapes on matchboxes, he drew them not as he saw them but how he felt they should be seen, how he felt about them. Like when he was a child he went back home to see their hometown and it looked nothing like it. Maybe his father had great memories there and wanted to represent the way he feels about it. It's more how you feel about something, representation. Cai uses this in his art, like the tigers with spears in them. This is not how we normally see tigers, but he is representing pain.

Question -Provide a meaningful response to the answer above.

Criteria - Your responses need to be substantial, meaning they should contribute some further thoughts to the conversation. Responses saying only "I agree," or "Good Job" are empty posts and not counted towards your post total. Response must add to and advances the discussion; be thoughtful, introspective, and relevant to topic; include a personal example or application; no word limit and no page requirement.

When you address a point someone else has made, you have four basic options.

I agree, and... (you provide some further point or example or artwork that illustrates the original poster's point.) 
I mostly agree, but... (talk about what part of the poster's point you don't agree with, or provide a contrary example or artwork.) 
I don't agree (explain why,) but... (explain some small point you do agree with.) 
I don't agree (explain why,) and ... (make another point.)

Reference no: EM13172305

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