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Please pick a website that provides a business-to-business function and summarize it in less (It doesn't have to be an EDI or marketplace company, but any B2B site). You are then required to post a comment or question to another student's company

Reference no: EM13324364

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What communication channel will you use : You are the Marketing Manager for a new beverage that has done remarkably well in the United States after its introduction, especially in sports arenas such as football and basketball. The Vice President of Operations charged you and your team to dev..
Create arguments for and against the legislation : Biotech medicines---proteins made by modifying the DNA of bacteria, yeast or mammal cells and infused into sick patients---are the fastest growing category of health spending. Sales reached $40 billion in 2006, when reports indicated there were more ..
Explain the economic loss doctrine : Explain “the economic loss doctrine.” Explain how it applies to AOL. Explain how it applies to Transport Corporation. Explain what AOL could have done to better protect itself in the process of making an insurance deal.
Uses a periodic inventory system : Memories Inc. commenced operations on July 1. Memories Inc. uses a periodic inventory system. During July, Memories Inc. was involved in the following merchandise transactions: July 2 Purchased $20,000 of merchandise from supplies Inc, on account, te..
Business-to-business function : Please pick a website that provides a business-to-business function and summarize it in less (It doesn't have to be an EDI or marketplace company, but any B2B site). You are then required to post a comment or question to another student's company
Job is to respond to consumer emails and letters : Imagine for a moment that you’re a marketing director for Wal-Mart, and your job is to respond to consumer emails and letters. You’ve been hit recently with a barrage of mail protesting your new Christmas wish list website. You must develop a respons..
Ethical dilemma-discuss the pros and cons : When a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashed over Iowa, a subsequent investigation suggested that the plane’s hydraulic systems did not provide enough protection. The DC-10 had three separate hydraulic systems, all of which failed when an engine exploded.
Relationship between repairs and preventive maintenance : Define and describe the relationship between repairs and preventive maintenance. Illustrate or find an example from the Internet of the relationship.
Responsible to coordinate the requirements definition phase : You are the manager for the datawarehouse project at a retail chain with stores all accross he country and users in every store. how will you ensure that all the details necessary to decide on the DBMS ar gathered during the requirements phase? write..


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