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Prepare a three to four page list (thirty to fifty sources) of scholarly journal articles that relate to your research question. These should be listed following the APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition. You need to ensure that you are using scholarly, peer reviewed journals for you reference list. You need to visit the section of Webliography that covers the differentiation of peer reviewed/scholarly journals from other sources. Be sure to include journals that present multiple sides of the questions, both pro and con. You should plan on having three to four pages of journals in your bibliography. These will be graded on your adherence to APA Style, utilization of peer reviewed journals, and the adequacy with which they fairly represent the views on the subject. 

Business Research Question : How do we employ more adult mentors, to serve more youth and provide them a prospect at a relationship with a positive male role model?

Reference no: EM1320421


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