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Your presentation must consist of the following:

1) A title page: This must include a) the title of your presentation; b) your name; and c) the course.

2) An outline page: This must include an outline of your presentation. Make this brief.  Use my presentations as an example.

3) A brief overview of the technology: This must include a brief description of the technology and is a great place for a video or picture/diagram.

4) A discussion of how it affects three institutions: This must include a discussion of how your technology will negatively affect three of the five traditional institutions.  The more diverse you make your institutions and consequences the more credit you will earn.  In other words, if you give similar consequences for your three institutions I will consider it repetitive and you will not earn full credit. The use of sociological terms is required in this section.

5) An analysis of the consequences from the three sociological perspectives: You must apply one perspective to each institutional consequence and can only use a perspective once.  Do not define the perspective.  When you apply the perspective correctly I will know that you understand the perspective. The use of sociological terms is required in this section.

6) A description of three preventive strategies to address those consequences: For each institutional consequence you must provide one of the three prevention strategies.  You can only use a type of prevention strategy once.  For each prevention strategy you must: a) identify the type of strategy and the institutional consequence you are addressing; b) provide a description of each strategy; c) provide an advantage and a disadvantage to each strategy. As per the discussions you cannot say it fixes the problem as an advantage, nor can you use cost/money as a disadvantage. The use of sociological terms is required in this section.

7) An end page: You must provide an end page with brief conclusion. The use of sociological terms is required in this section.

8) A transcript of the presentation:  You must provide a slide by slide WORD transcript of the presentation. Much like I provide with three major differences: 1) You must double-space your submission; and 2) You must provide citations within the text and a reference page at the end of the transcript; and 3) You must post the predicted time each slide should take to read next to the slide title.  These should add up to between 8 - 15 minutes. Remember, you must number and title each slide like I do in my transcripts and imbed video links into the text.

9) A reference page: You must provide a reference page in your transcript (and transcript only) that lists all your sources including the required text if you use it.You must provide at least ten references other than the lecture or text.

10) Time requirements: Your presentation must be between 8 - 15 minutes long (not including videos).  Remember to be clear, concise, but comprehensive.  Do not be repetitive and do not provide irrelevant information and filler.  To time your presentation, time yourself while you read it in a regular presentation voice.  You must time each slide and place your time next to the title of each slide.  I will review and while I don't expect to have the same time as you it must be within the 8 - 15 time limit. So a word of advice, don't submit something that's close to 8 or 15 minutes.  


The following five topics are technologies that we are just on the cusp of inventing. Don't limit your thinking by the restrictions that current technology places on their capabilities. Please choose your top three and submit as requested. Remember you can choose another future topic, but you must submit your choices for acceptance.

1) Virtual Realityis the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way.  When you imagine VR don't think of what we have now.  Think of system that allows you to smell, taste, feel, and see a computer simulation like you would "reality".  Think The Matrix.

2) Fetal Genetic Engineering is the deliberate modification of the characteristics of a human fetus by manipulating its DNA.  I want to focus just on engineering the fetus, but you can imagine any type of changes possible through the manipulation of the DNA. 

3) Self-Driving Cars are an autonomous vehicle that are capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. Autonomous cars can detect surroundings using a variety of techniques such as radar, lidar, GPS, odometry, and computer vision.

4) Communication Implants would be advanced cellphones and computers implanted within the cranium that would work directly with the brain without the need for hands, eyes or ears to operate.

5) Human Cloning is a genetically identical human that is produced asexually from a single ancestor. A clone does not have the memories, knowledge or skills of its human contributor, nor the personality except those traits that are conditioned by genetics.  For our purposes imagine a system where clones can be developed to any stage of human growth and age.

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Reference no: EM131305176

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