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Q1. The CEO of Victoria Chemicals PLC observed how Lucy Morris and the other division managers interacted during the capital budgeting analysis. She asked you, an expert consultant, to review the decision process. Do you think that the process and/or the company's policy should be changed? If yes, what do you suggest to change and why? If no, why?

Q2. You are an expert consultant who has the opportunity to help with a startup funded by an entrepreneur with substantial resources. The company will produce and market revolutionary hybrid cars. Along the way, the company will face many trade offs and will need to perform cost-benefit analyses.

Your job is to assist with the design of their capital budgeting system. If you feel that there are important elements of this story that are missing, you should first fill them in with your own (creative) assumptions.

Be very clear about these details.Then develop your proposal. Be specific with respect to your recommended methodology, data requirements, and approach.

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Reference no: EM13881830

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