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1. Effectively changing strategies is often one of the most difficult tasks of management. Why do you think this is the case?

2. How does the articulation of strategic intent affect the strategic planning and management process? Could organizations be just as effective without clear statements of strategic intent?

3. What key environmental changes do you think will increasingly force managers to be proficient at conducting environmental analyses?

4. Are there industries that will be more immune to changes in the global environment d as a consequence will be influenced primarily by their domestic external environment? Name at least two and explain why.

5. What are the most difficult environmental analysis skills to develop? What are some possible means of ensuring that you have these valuable skills?

6. Debate the following statement: Computers and news media have made international environment analysis simpler.

7. Pick a country and go to the library or the Internet to find some information about its resources, government, political and legal systems, and physical infrastructure. What type of business would do well in that country? Why?

Reference no: EM13806498


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