Are there differences in prevalence of autism across race

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1- According to the Autism Society in America, autism "knows no racial, ethnic or social boundaries" (Boutot 2017, p.4). Is this statement accurate?

2- Are there differences in the prevalence of autism across race/ethnicity?

3- Are there factors that may influence children from different races/cultures in the identification/diagnosis of ASD?

4- Are there differences in family adaptation to the autism diagnosis?

Express your opinion and address these questions based on documented facts/research. (Use APA)


The PBS children program Sesame Street is well-known for providing cultural and educational fun shows to teach children about social issues, basic concepts, and self-awareness. Sesame Street has been running since 1969 and its characters (muppets) have evolved according to our society's growth and needs.

One of the new characters is Julia, she is a 4 years old girl with autism. Please see the website below to review the video that introduces Julia to the other muppets.

Provide your opinion on:

a) the accuracy of the character's portrait of autism

b) how its behavior was handled

c) introduction of Julia to Big Bird

d) overall opinion of this video

Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in all Children.

Reference no: EM132474537


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