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I need help getting started on creating 5 annotated bibliographies for 5 cited references from my paper. It should provide the financial and programmatic information I used to support my analysis. Below are the 5 cited references. I need help finding the data that I can use to support them as references. Also, I need help getting started on creating an annotated bibliography, like a go by or a pattern to follow. Thanks, 1. CliffsNotes.Com. 2. Dupuis, P.J. and Kaufman, K. (2007). A disciplined approach to capital today’s healthcare imperative. Healthcare Financial Management. 6(7), p. 58–66. 3.Kremer, C., Rizzuto, R., & Case, J. (2000). Managing by the numbers: A complete guide to understanding and using your company’s financials. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Perseus Publishing, 4. McCracken, M.J., McIlwain, T.F., & Fottler, M.D. (2001). Measuring organizational performance in the hospital industry: An exploratory comparison of objective and subjective methods. Health Services Management Research, 14(4), 211-219. 5.Tiffin, R. (1998). Finance and accounting desktop guide for the non-financial manager.

Reference no: EM13149921

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