Analyze the case by identifying legal issues

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Sandley Vacuum Sales hires Rhonda Piper and Martina Stuart to be door-to-door salespersons. Ms. Piper has a record of committing physical violence against people who displease her, including four convictions for assault. Ms. Stuart has lead a sensible and very gentle life and is known for her hospitality and homemaking skills by her friends and family. On Ms. Piper's first day of employment with Sandley, she beats up three women who decline to purchase her wares after she has spent over an hour with each giving a demonstration of the vacuums. Three days later, Ms. Stuart becomes frustrated and beats up three other prospective customers who criticize Sandley's products while she is giving a demonstration of their wares. All six victims sue . Do any of the victims have a reasonable chance of prevailing?

Analyze the case by identifying legal issues.

Reference no: EM13306689

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Analyze the case by identifying legal issues : Sandley Vacuum Sales hires Rhonda Piper and Martina Stuart to be door-to-door salespersons. Ms. Piper has a record of committing physical violence against people who displease her, including four convictions for assault. Ms. Stuart has lead a sensibl..
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