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The purpose of this two-part project is to compute the student's ability to analyze security requirements and prepare a security policy that fully addresses them.

Detailed Requirements

Optional and Ungraded Project Deliverable

o Using the GDI Case Study below, complete the Security Policy Document Outline.

o Provide a one or two-page Security Policy Document Outline. The Outline should cover all aspects of the security policy document and convey the accurate and appropriate information for the stakeholders to make the appropriate decision.

o Ungraded but instructor will provide feedback to make sure students are on-track. This outline can become major part of the "Executive Summary" of the final deliverable.

Project Deliverable

o Using the GDI Case Study, complete the Security Policy Document.

o Provide a analysis summarizing the security policy to the executive management team of GDI. The student designs effective real-time security and continuous monitoring measures to mitigate any known vulnerabilities, prevent future attacks, and deter any real-time unknown threats; and also efficiently meets the organization's objectives. The summary should effectively describe the security policy in a manner that will allow the Senior Management to understand the organizational security requirements and make the appropriate decisions to enforce.

Reference no: EM131778


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