An npn common emitter transistor

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Question 1.  An advantage of direct - coupled amplifiers is that they?

  1. make ideal clippers
  2. can amplify a signal without inverting it
  3. can amplify a signal without changing its d-c reference level
  4. make ideal limiters

Question 2. An NPN common emitter transistor, when operated without d-c bias, can be used as a?

  1. d-c restorer
  2. baseline stabilizer
  3. negative peak clipper
  4. positive peak clipper

Question 3. What is the bandwidth of an amplifier that produces a square wave with a rise time of 2 msec? (microseconds)

  1. 70 kHz
  2. 175 kHz
  3. 20 kHz
  4. 57 kHz

Reference no: EM1312192

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