An insulating material fills the space between them

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Q1. Determine the force of gravity between earth (mass =6.0x10^24kg) and the moon (mass= 7.4x10^22kg). The average earth-moon distance is 3.8x10^8m.

Q2. High-frequency signals are often transmitted along a coaxial cable, such as the one shown above. For example, the cable TV hook up coming into your home is a coaxial cable. The signal is carried on a wire of radius R1 while the outer conductor of radius R2 is grounded (i.e., at V = 0 V). An insulating material fills the space between them, and insulating plastic coating goes around the outside.

a) Determine an expression for the capacitance per meter of a coaxial cable. Suppose that the insulating material between the cylinders is air.

b) Evaluate the capacitance per meter of a cable having R1 = 0.50 mm and R2 = 3.6 mm.

Reference no: EM139039


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