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Assessment type: Research and Literature Review, Interpretation of the Literature.

This assessment allows students to develop research and analysis skills, and learn how to work effectively individually. This contributes to Learning Outcomes a, b, d, e, and g.

Topic An academic or business communication issue.

This assessment is designed to allow students to develop good research and interpretation skills.

Good reports demonstrate the ability to critically analyse relevant researched material, interpreting what it means for a given topic or issue. This then leads to supported recommendations and conclusions.

The literature review gives the opportunity to study an assigned topic in depth. It requires students to find relevant sources of information that will enable them to write the eventual individual report from an informed point of view. This will help students to develop writing and information literacy skills.

Students need to choose a topic relating to academically sound business communication. Some topic suggestions are as follows. Students may choose a different topic with the approval of the tutor - all topics MUST be approved by the Tutor. Approvals should be gained by week 4 at the latest.

Topic suggestions:

- What makes an effective presentation?
- Common business communication problems.
- How should good references be displayed and why each element of the reference is important.
- How a business report should be structured and why.
- What is the difference between an acceptable and an unacceptable reference source?
- How reference sources can be used to support a business recommendation.
- Why good communication skills are important in a business career.
- What are the characteristics of effective written communication?
- Why are good spelling and good grammar important?
- How should a reference be used to be effective?

TASK 1: Create a Reference List.

Each student needs to find two (2) appropriate reference sources relating to the individual's chosen topic. One reference source should be from an academic journal, and one reference should be from some other source the student feels would be acceptable in a piece of good academic and/or business writing.

TASK 2. Literature Review

Students are to write a literature review using academic style report format on the research sources you have identified in Task 1.

Using your approved topic from Task 1, students need to:

- Determine what has been written on a topic
- Provide an overview of key concepts from the sources
- Identify major relationships or patterns
- Identify strengths and weaknesses
- Identify any gaps in the research
- Identify any conflicting evidence

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Reference no: EM13832340


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