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Question 1

The NACA 4412 airfoil has a mean camber line given by

100_Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics.png

By using thin airfoil theory, calculate

a. Its zero-lift angle of attack.
At the angle of attack of 3o, calculate the followings:

b. Its lift coefficient.

c. The moment coefficient about its quarter-chord point.

d. The location of its center of pressure (xcp/c) and aerodynamic center (xac/c).

The experimental data for NACA 4412 airfoil are given in the Appendix of this Homework set (from Abbott, I.H., von Doenhoff, A.E., and Stivers, Jr., L.S., "Summary of Airfoil Data," NACA Report No. 824, 1945).

e. Compare your results from parts a, b, and c above with the NACA 4412 experimental data and express the percentage difference between your results and experiment.

Question 2

A positively cambered airfoil with a zero-lift angle of attack of -3o has a lift slope of 0.1 per degree.

a. Calculate the lift coefficient at an angle of attack of 5o.

b. Now the same airfoil is turned upside-down (so it becomes an airfoil with a negative camber). Calculate its lift coefficient at the same angle of attack of 5o as in part a.

c. At what angle of attack must the upside-down airfoil be set to generate the same lift as that when it is right-side-up at a 5o angle of attack?

Question 3

A two-dimensional thin wing was tested in a wind tunnel. The pitching moment coefficient about the leading edge (Cm,LE) at zero-lift was found to be -0.02. At angle of attack of 8 deg, Cl = 0.7, Cd = 0.04 and Cm,LE = -0.2. Determine the location of the aerodynamic center of this wing.

Question 4.

Spanwise circulation distribution for a wing of span b in an air flow of density ρ∞ and speed V is parabolic as follows:

684_Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics1.png

a. Calculate the downwash induced by this circulation at any position y0 along the wing span. Calculate also the downwash at the root of the wing.

b. Find the total lift generated by the wing.

Question 5.

A thin spanwise symmetrical wing has an aspect ratio of 10 and a straight edges with taper ratio (tip chord / root chord) of 0.8 and root chord of 1 m. This wing does not have geometric or aerodynamic twist and it has symmetrical airfoil profile.

a. Compute, using 4 terms in the expansion, the spanwise efficiency factor, e, and plot its drag polar if its zero-lift drag is 0.01.

b. Determine lift coefficient and induced-drag coefficient of the wing at an angle of attack of 4o.

Question 6. The wing of a light, single-engine general aviation aircraft has an area of 15.8 m2 and a span of 9.6 m. The airfoil of the wing is NACA 65-415, which has a lift slope of 0.1033 per degree and zero-lift angle of attack of -3o. Assume the span efficiency factor of 0.893.

a. If the wing is to produce 11 kN lift while cruising at 190 km/h at standard sea level, calculate the geometric angle of attack that the wing should be set to.

b. Calculate also the induced drag experienced by the wing in that condition.

Reference no: EM13599

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