A treasury bill has a bid yield

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A Treasury bill has a bid yield of 3.46% and an ask yield of 3.4%. The bill matures in 120 days. Assume a face value of $1,000. What is the least you could pay to acquire a bill? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 3 decimal places. Omit the "$" sign in your response.)

Reference no: EM13885056

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Find the expected return E(rM) of the market portfolio : In the following, assume that the CAPM is true. Denote by rM the return of the market portfolio, βi the beta of security i with the market portfolio, and ρi,M the correlation between security i and the market portfolio M. Find the risk-free rate rf o..
What compounded annual rate of return will that represent : Time value of money: The final tally is in: This year’s operating costs were down $100,000,a decrease directly attributable to the $520,000 investment in the automated materials handling system put in place at the beginning of the year. If this level..
Discounting-according to economic theory : Discounting. According to economic theory, agricultural land values (prices) equal the present value of expected future rents, where rents are calculated as the difference between revenue received and production costs. Houses. Suppose you have an off..
Consider the spot interest rates for maturities of one : Consider the following spot interest rates for maturities of one, two, three, and four years. r1 = 3.8% r2 = 4.2% r3 = 4.9% r4 = 5.7% Assuming a constant real interest rate of 2 percent, what are the approximate expected inflation rates for the next ..
A treasury bill has a bid yield : A Treasury bill has a bid yield of 3.46% and an ask yield of 3.4%. The bill matures in 120 days. Assume a face value of $1,000. What is the least you could pay to acquire a bill?
What will be the required return on your portfolio : You have been managing a $5 million portfolio that has a beta of 1.00 and a required rate of return of 12%. The current risk-free rate is 5.00%. Assume that you receive another $500,000. If you invest the money in a stock with a beta of 0.70, what wi..
Calculate the value of the tax shield one and tax shield two : The company has just ordered a new kiln for $480,000. Of this sum, $58,000 is described by the supplier as an installation cost. The company does not know whether the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will permit to treat this cost as a tax-deductible f..
Treasury STRIP-semi-annual compounding : Treasury STRIP (semi-annual compounding) has a 4% YTM and 15 years to maturity. What is the $ amount capital appreciation expected over the coming year if YTMs remain unchanged?
Perfect a process for converting seawater into crude oil : A group of nerds perfect a process for converting seawater into crude oil. In order to keep their process off the market, OPEC offers license to process by paying the nerds an annual royalty payment of $100,000,000 starting one year from now, and the..


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