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Evolution of oops principle

    With the evolution of computers a large number of programming approaches have developed like modular programming, top-down approach, bottom-up approach etc. With time programs have grown to become more complex .The primary objective of each of these has been to ensure reliability and maintenance of programs.   Moreover, the demands of the user change dynamically and hence there arise the need for modification in these complex programs. With modifications in the program bugs might creep in which becomes undetectable until the program architecture is simple.

       With the advent of languages such as C, structured programming became very powerful and was the main technique of the 1980s.Structured programming was a powerful tool to write complex programs very easily. However, as the programs grew larger even structured programming failed. Then there was a need for a language which could be used to generate bug-free, easy to maintain and reusable code.

        Object-Oriented Programming was developed with the intention to eliminate the pitfalls of structured programming language by incorporating the features of structured programming language and adding some powerful features which are unique to OOP design.

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