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Models and Modeling in Operations Research

            A model is defined as an idealized representation or an abstraction of some real-life system whether such system refers to a problem process, operation system object or event. The objective of the model is to provide a means for analyzing the behavior of the system for the purpose of improving its performance. Or, if the system is not yet in the existence, to define the ideal structure of this future system indicating the functional relationships among its elements.

            Modeling is the essence of an operations research approach. By building a model, the complexities and uncertainties of a decision-making problem, can be changed to a logical structure that is amendable to formal analysis. Such a model specifies the decision alternatives and their anticipated consequences for all possible events that may occur indicates the relevant data for analyzing the alternatives and leads to meaningful and informative managerial conclusions. In short modeling is a means of providing a clear structural frame-work to the problem for purpose of understanding and dealing with reality.

            There is nothing mysterious about models. Photographs roadmaps organization charts Accounting statements like. Profits and loss account and Balance sheet are all models, since they partially represent reality, simplify complexity and portray essential features in their own way.

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