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 Limitations of operations research

              O.R. has certain limitations. However these limitations are mostly related with the time and money factors involves in its applications rather than is practical utility. These limitations are as under:

1. Magnitude of computation O.R. tries to find out the optimal solution taking all the factors into account. In the modern society these factors are numerous and expressing them in quantity and establishing, relationships among these requires huge calculating. All these calculations cannot be handled manually but require electronic computer which bear very heavy cost. Thus the use of O.R is limited to very large organizations.

2. Absence of Quantification. O.R provides solution only when all the elements related to a problem can be quantified. The tangible factors such as price product, etc., can be expressed in terms of quantity, but intangible factors such as human relations etc., cannot be quantified thus these intangible elements of the problem are exclude from the study, though these might be qually or more important than quantifiable elements. Now a day's attempts are being made to quantify even the intangible factors as far as possible

3. Distance between Managers and Operation Research. O.R being specialists job requires similarly a manager fails to understand the complex working to O.R.

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