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Java and Object-Oriented Concepts 

Java, developed by the Sun Microsystems, is a high level object-oriented programming language. Although it is linked with the World Wide Web but it is more former than the origin of Web. It was developed holding back in mind the communication equipments and consumer electronics. In the 1990s, it came into beingness as a part of web services, web application and a platform independent programming language.

C, C++, Smalltalk have greatly influenced Java. SUN Microsystems promoted JAVA with a slogan 'Write Once Run Anywhere' . It stands for the fact that java can develop and run on any device equipped with Java Virtual Machine and applicable to all kinds of OS including  Windows,Linux, Solaris etc.

Object Oriented Programming is the mechanism to generate programs based on the real world. In contrast to procedural programming,  in the object oriented programming simulate programs are formed around objects and data rather than logic and actions. Objects constitute some concepts and like any other objects in the real Objects in programming language have certain properties, identity, behavior and type. In  object oriented programming based language the main aim is to find out the objects to control their relation with each other. Object oriented programming extends high level compatibility and flexibility in developing large application. Another important fact in object oriented programming is to categorize objects into different types according to their behavior and properties. So  object oriented programming based software application development includes the analysis of the problem, developing a solution, coding and ultimately its maintenance.

1. Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language

Object-Oriented concepts

Syntax (Data Type, Variables, Array, Casting)

Operators (Arithmetic, bitwise, relational, logical, assignment)

Selection Statements (If, Switch)

Control Statement (while, do while, for)

Conditional Statements


2. Java Programming Language

What is class and Objects

Class and Methods

Inheritance Basics and Inheritance with packages

Packages and Interfaces

Exception Handling

Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)




o    Overview of Networking

o    Networking Concepts

o    Identifying Your Computer's IP Address

o    Using the Internet Address Class

o    Sockets

o    Implementing the Client Side of a Socket

o    Implementing the Server Side of a Socket

o    Using the Remote File Copy Application

o    Datagram Sockets

o    Using Datagram Sockets

3. New Features of the Java SE Platform 


Desktop Client







Dtrace Performance


4. J2SE Platform 5.0 : Language Changes





Static Imports



5. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML

Object Oriented Analysis


Dynamic model

Design Patterns


6. Java Programming Language Workshop

Multi-tier applications


o    SQL Language

o    JDBC and its drivers

o    JDBC API: connections, statements, result sets, metadata

o    Using JDBC: updates, queries

Design patterns

Java RMI

7. Developing Real-Time Programming Application

Application 1

Application 2

Application 3

8. Introduction to Developing Rich-Client Applications

Application using GUI design

Application using Swing API

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