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What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance is that part of finance which deals with investments, fund related activities of all the organizations, Shareholder wealth maximization is the prior motive of corporate finance

Corporate Finance oversees the financial activities of the firm and the capital structure of an entity. It focuses on maximizing the shareholder’s wealth through long term and short term planning.

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Sources of Capital in Corporate Finance:

Every firm derives from three main types of sources which comprise of:

• Equity Capital – A firm generates capital by selling the shares in the capital market through equity capital.
• Debt Capital – Money is borrowed by the firm for their projects and various sources like bank loans are utilized in the form of capital derivation.
• Preferred Stock – This is an equity security which becomes an important source of capital

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Difficulty Faced by Students in Corporate Finance Course and Assessments

Corporate finance includes lot of financial concepts which require an in-depth knowledge of the same. Students normally lack exposure related to financial terms which ultimately leads to a poor quality of final assignment prepared by students. Students also find difficulty in the calculation part of the financial studies; they can thus take support of our services to achieve great results.

Topics covered by us in corporate finance assignment are: -

• Calculation of bond prices
• DuPont analysis
• Financial planning model
• Cash flow
• Risk management
• Investment banking
• Capital budgeting
• Financial accounting statements
• Working capital management
• NPV Analysis Assignment Order

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Importance of Corporate Finance and its scope

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Corporate finance includes business valuation, stock investing and investment management. To select a portfolio one must use financial analysis to know how much to invest or not. Students should be able to measure portfolio performance and identify appropriate strategy.

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Corporate Finance

Business enterprises make monitory decisions from time to time in the area of finance by using various tools and analysis techniques. These tools and techniques of finance are known as corporate finance. Corporate finance is undertaken to promote and maximize the value of the shareholders primarily, and also helps the firm to manage other financial risks associated. The corporate finance differs from managerial finance in various respects, but the main difference is that managerial finance is used for studying the financial decisions of all firms whereas corporate finance studies the financial aspects of corporations alone. Still, the principles and the main underlying concept of corporate finance can be applied to the financial problems of all kinds of the firms of the market.

The techniques and decisions involved in corporate finance can be both short term and long term. Decision like which projects receive investment and whether investments are to be financed with debt or equity, whether to pay the dividends to the shareholders or not and if the dividends are to be paid, the suitable time for the payments, all constitute the long term choices of capital decision making. The short term decision includes short term balancing of current assets and liabilities. The focus of short term decision making is manage inventories and cash along with short term lending and borrowing (for example, the items of credits which are extended to the customers).

The Capital Investment Decisions

The capital investment decisions are also termed as long term corporate finance decisions. These relate to the fixed assets along with the capital structure. The decision which are taken are based on many inter relate criteria. Some of these criteria are-

1. The corporate management invest in projects which have a probability to yield a positive net present value (when they are valued by using appropriate discount rates while considering the risks) in order to maximize the value of a firm.

2. The financing of the projects must also be done appropriately.

3. If there are no opportunities for maximization of the values, then as per maximizing shareholder value, the management must return the excess cash to the shareholders of the firm. This is also called distribution via dividends. Hence, the capital investments decisions are constituted of: an investment decision, a financing decision, a financial decision and a dividend decision as well.

The investment decision-the management allocates the limited resources in the competing opportunities or projects by a process called capital budgeting. The capital allocation or investment decision is derived by estimating the value of each project or opportunity. The value is the function of the size, predictability as well as timing of the future cash flows.

Valuation of the project - all the values of a project are estimated by using a discounted cash low valuation also called as the DCF valuation. After the estimation, based on the measurement of the resultant net present value, the opportunity having the highest value is selected. The estimation of timing and size of all the incremental cash flows, which result from a project, is also done.

Flexibility valuation - many a times, a strict NPV approach fails to capture the open and closed paths of actions available to a company. In these scenarios, the management employs tools that place an explicit value on these options. By flexibility valuation, investments staged and flexible nature is modeled, thereby considering all the potential payoffs. The common tools used in flexibility valuation are the decision tree analysis and real options analysis.

Quantification of uncertainty- all the project forecasting and valuation methods adopted have a certain amount of uncertainty inherent in them. The analysts access this sensitivity of the project NPV to various other inputs of the DCF model.

The financing decision-for achieving the goals of financial management, all the corporate investments are financed properly. Various sources of financing are: the capital self generated by the firm and, the contribution of outside investors in the form of debt and equity financing, The management must identify the optional mix and make an attempt for matching the long term financial mix to the assets which are being financed.

The dividend decision- the company’s profit as well as its earning prospects in the coming financial year decide whether the dividend are to be issued or not a swell as the amounts which are to be issued. The expected free cash flows many a times decide the amounts.

The management of working capital

Working capital management refers to decisions taken in relation to working capital and short term financial measures. The relationship between the firm's short term liabilities and assets is also managed. Working capital can be said to be the amount which is always readily available to any organization or firm. Hence, working capital can also be said to be the difference between the resources in cash (current assets) and the cash requirements (current liabilities). The management of working capital is done by cash management, inventory management, short term financing and debtor’s management.

More Important Topics in Corporate Finance Study

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