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Production Engineering Introduction and Specification

Production Engineering is the subject that teaches the various ways of dealing with every level of industrial production, the integrated design and efficient planning of an entire manufacturing system. This is becoming increasingly complex given the rapid emergence of sophisticated production methods and control systems.

Production Engineering involves the design, control, and continuous improvement of integrated systems in order to provide customers with high-quality goods and services in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is an interdisciplinary area that requires the collaboration of individuals trained in industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, product design, marketing, finance, and corporate planning. Production engineering activities are carried out by many teams of individuals in many organizations, with different skills, rather than by just one formal production engineering department.

In a product design, the production engineering team generally works in co ordination with the designers, by helping them to develop a product that can be manufactured economically while preserving its functionality. Features and characteristics of the product that will significantly increase its cost are identified and marked, and then, cheaper, alternative means of obtaining the desired functionality are investigated and suggested to the designers. The process of simultaneously developing the product design and the production process is referred to by several names such as design for manufacturability, design for assembly, and concurrent engineering.

The production engineering process does not stop once the product has been put up for production. A major function of production engineering is to continuously try to eliminate inefficiencies in the system and to incorporate and advance the frontier of the best existing practice. The task of production engineering is to identify potential areas for making improvement in the performance of the production system as a whole, and to develop the necessary solutions in these areas.

Talking of jobs and scopes of a student in production engineering, good opportunities are available in public and private sector manufacturing organizations that are engaged in implementation, development and management of new production processes, information and control systems and computer controlled inspection, assembly and handling.

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