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Process Control Engineering Introduction and Specification

Process control, does it sound a little weird to you? Well because it is indeed different from your everyday engineering subjects. This is an amalgamation of statistics and engineering, that deals with architectures, mechanisms and algorithms, for maintaining the output of a specific process within a desired range. This discipline applies a topic called as control theory to design systems with predictable behaviors. This practice makes use of sensors to measure the output performance of the device being controlled, and the measurements taken can be used to provide feedback to the input actuators that can thereby make corrections toward the desired performance. When a device is designed to perform without the need of human help for correction, it is called automatic control or basically, automation.

Process control is an engineering and a statistics discipline that deals with mechanisms, algorithms and architectures for generating the output of a process within a desired range and conditions. It can be explained by the following heating up a room temperature is a process that has desired and specific outcome to maintain and reach a defined temp. (e.g. 30°C) kept constant over time. The temperature can be defined here controlled variable. Same time it is input variable as well. The desired temperature is called set point. The applications for process control systems are controlled device programmable logic controller (PLC) is mainly used to set and read digital and analog inputs that applies a set of logic statements and that generates a set of digital and analog outputs.

A process control system can be characterized in following forms:


In study of process control engineering the process are defined under category of first order and high order processes. The main objectives of studying process control engineering are defined below.


1. The study of first order and high order processes and their characteristics.
2. The study of various controller modes and methods of tuning and their characteristics.
3. The study of complex control schemes.
4. The study of unit operation.
5. The study of mathematical modeling of processes

Originally, process control engineering was all about continuous systems. The development of computer control tools required discrete control system engineering because the communications between the computer-based digital controller and the physical system are governed and monitored by a computerized clock. Today maximum of the control systems are controlled by computers and they consist of both digital and analog components. And because of this, at the design stage either the digital components are mapped into the continuous domain and the design is carried out in the continuous domain, or the analog components are mapped into the discrete domain and the design is carried out there. The first of these two methods is more commonly practiced, because many industrial systems have many continuous systems components, including mechanical, fluid, biological and analog electrical components, with just few digital controllers.

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